Monday, March 14, 2011

Just when you thought the car issues were done...

At the supermarket today. Car dies. NO battery power.


Likely, I think the problem is the alternator, which means my car has been running on battery power the last few days.


There is the slight chance (although not very high, since my car does not have a significant computer system) that if I merely jump my car, the car will die on the road to the mechanic's because the battery will completely die (since it's not currently being charged by the car when the car is running).


I got a ride to B's car. B's car took me to my meeting. Then I ran home in B's car and grabbed my ratchet set. Then went back to my car, popped out the battery (I'm getting good at this), and took it to our mechanic's. There, it will charge overnight, and I'll pick it up tomorrow AM. The battery fully charged, I'll be able to drive the car all the way over to the mechanic's and leave it there to have it worked on.

Whew. Updates tomorrow.

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  1. I know this incident has long passed, but I still want to know what happened. Was the alternator really the problem? Fixing the alternator is an incredibly daunting task because you have to disassemble the parts, do the repairs, and assemble them afterwards. I hope you didn’t have a huge problem dealing with this issue, Jessika.