Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letting sleeping dogs lie

The sleep upside down on top the couch thing has become a regular occurrence. Mads used to never like to show her tummy much, but the onset of Bailey has changed her thoughts on tummy exposure. Now? She sleeps in all weird positions, often with her little paws dangling in all directions. With her fur so long and her paws so short, you can often only tell where her paws are based on the black pads of her feet.

I should also add that when she does fall asleep, sometimes she twitches in her sleep, causing her to roll off the back of the couch. Of course, she always greets this occurrence with a look of "don't worry, I so meant to do that."

She's also taught the Bailey how to do this too. Being that he's SIGNIFICANTLY less coordinated than the Mads, this is impressive.

The upside down position is not just for nighttime either. We do it in the day too. And the limp dog thing is also particularly amusing.

We also sleep in unison.

And we use pillows.

So suffice it to say, the dogs are the crackerjack comedians around her. Boy, we love them, but they are so often significantly loony.

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