Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Destiny Moondrool

We were having a discussion tonight on names we like. No, we're not pregnant, but you know, this sort of conversation comes up.

Me: "I like ___"

Bob: "That's nice, but a bit hippy. I like ____"

Me: "I've always liked that name too! But seriously, that's a bit hippy also."

Bob: "No, Destiny Moondrool is a hippy name. My suggestion is normal."

I'm SO someday putting "Destiny Moondrool" on our list of possible kidnames as a joke. But, please, someone monitor Bob when we someday have a kid. A joke will not be funny if it extends to an actual birth certificate.

*** Editing note requested by Bob: I misheard him. Apparently, he said "Destiny Moonchild." My apologies, dear husband!

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