Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank you, 2011, hello 2012.

2011 treated us well. We came a long way this year. Many changes, many good things.

Looking back, 2009 was good and bad. We got married, but we had a lot of job changes and hassle. I, quite honestly, was happy to see the year end. I hoped at the end of 2009 that the next year would bring us "happiness, stability, and calm."

I think 2010 was busy, busy busy. I think we both still felt unstable, not in our marriage, but in where we were headed with our lives.

I don't think 2009's wish really came true until this year. We're putting the final steps toward the "stability" wish, but I think that we've come a long way in finding happiness and calm.

So here's to the hope that 2012 holds. I think my wishes remain the same as 2009, but this time, for their continued presence: happiness, stability, and calm.

Happy New Year!

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