Sunday, December 25, 2011

For the O-Fam!

We took photos of your presents!

The radio for Bob from Laura!

The fox rock from Laura to Jess (the foxy dog is checking out the foxy rock)!

SOCKS!! (and note the hat too)

Scarf by talented Laura!

Present-opening interrupted for radio testing and kitchen hook-up.

Necklace and scarf from Laura!

The Bob is extremely happy with the ramekins and colander. You can't fake a smile like that!



Sock fitting session. Results: They fit! I tried to get him to put on shorts and pull the socks up to his knees and dance, but no go. :(

Frankie approves of the scarf too (though he waited to show affection until after Bob seemed occupied reading Laura's book). Catus interruptus.

Knead knead knead...

Merry Christmas!

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