Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Outside decorations

We're having a holiday party this next Saturday, so it was more than high time to get our outdoor decorations up. We're getting there... we're still working on lights. It's been a bit chilly outside--- right now it's 26 and there's freezing fog. Not really light-hanging conditions!

On our front door, there's a camellia branch wreath with gold ribbon.

Our arborvitae along the stairs to the first tier all have dark red ribbon (harder to put on the plant than it looks).

We did have a poinsettia on the stairwell, but it was just too cold outside.

Front stairwell.

Our little tree next to the front door needs some decorating, but that's a quick thing.

From the street.

I made a lot of garlands for the bottom tier and decorated them with gold balls.

Yes, we live on a hill.

So, that's the outdoors for now! Now it just needs to warm up a tad so we can finish the outside fixings!

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