Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pottery studio.

With the upstairs nearly finished, we're beginning to put in some storage.

Now, when it comes to storage, we really try NOT to be pack rats. There's a hierarchy: Stuff we use once a year (eg: holiday decorations) gets put in a place where we don't have to see it (like the attic). Winter outdoor clothing gets put in a less convenient spot then, say, jars of canned food. And anything that goes for more than a year without being touched is analyzed for donation or tossing.

All that said, we've realized that the small storage space upstairs should be enough room for us. And that means our garage won't have a ton of stuff in it.

We had planned on building a pottery studio for Bob up on our top level of our backyard. Our neighbors have a kiln and wheel but no space, and we have space but no kiln and wheel. It works out.

But, building an entire building is a bit much. That's at least 5 years away. Then I thought: "why not the garage?"

Why not, indeed.

So, we had an electrician come out yesterday. If the quote is right (we'll find out today, if I can get some info to him), we'll get the garage wired for the large outlet that a kiln would require. There are other precautions too we'd need to take for ventilation, but, luckily, our garage is a pretty safe place already.

Stay tuned.

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