Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Projects for the new year.

I have a glut of projects to do, and they're beginning to pile up in the garage. Since we're surrounded with holiday parties and cheer right now, I thought I'd make a list of New Years projects.

  • Replace the closet door in the bedroom and office. They're boring hollow doors right now, and I have perfectly-sized french door replacements, already cut to size. They're half-painted, so that still needs to be done, as well as hinge placements chiseled out.
  • Built cabinet space around the laundry machines. I already have the cabinet ($35!) but it needs to be painted. This will also involve putting a tabletop above the machines, as well as an end wall.
  • Build a wall around the stairwell. It's not safe with what is currently up there.
  • Build the storage unit on the other side of the stairwell, opposite the laundry machines. I've already drawn plans and bought two cube things I'm converting to cabinets.
  • Install crown molding upstairs (after everything else is finished so it has a very finished look).
  • Hang art in the office
  • Make cabinet fronts and drawer fronts in bedrooms look nicer.
  • Install better organization in cabinet and drawers in bedroom.
  • Paint file cabinet, install new hardware on desk and cabinet, and fix up filing system.
  • Have someone else (gasp!) put in patio covers. We already know who we're going with; we just need to figure out when and narrow down what.
  • Paint bathroom-- very porous plaster in there right now and that's not good.
  • Fix up shelving unit next to fridge. It's this rickety unit we inherited from the prior owners. It works... but not well.
  • See if there are wood floors under the linoleum. If so, get estimates on what it would cost to remove linoleum and refinish floors with a high gloss.
  • Install deck and ?? on bottom tier outside. We haven't really finished deciding what we're going to put in, so we're going to put the patio covers in first and then sketch.
  • Clean garage and remove all storage racks. Install new, permanent, cabinets along the wall in the garage.
  • Decide whether or not to finish off the garage from the crawl space.
  • Fix up garden area
  • Finish painting chicken coop (yes, really) and finish building top 1' of coop.
  • Fix up rock stairs so less rickety.
  • Plant two trees on middle slope in back yard.
  • Install stairs going from tier 2 to tier 3.
  • Plant better plants on tiers in front yard.
  • Perhaps build small deck on second tier in front yard with two Adirondack chairs.
  • Create path from stairs to chicken coop
  • Plant wisteria on pergola (in between the two patio covers)
  • Fix driveway
  • Fix slant bottom maple tree.
  • Remove apple tree? It's awfully funky...
That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure we'll come up with more!

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