Friday, January 1, 2010

Good-bye 2009!

What an exhausting year!

Settled in to a new apartment (B's) after learning he would be moving down to a different city to start his dream job. Begin 7 months of being 130 miles apart. B living in a spare bedroom of friend's parents.
Change job status to part time to undertake bar exam study. Pay check cut and miserable study-all-the-time existence. Also lost health insurance coverage (not full time worker), so had to pay for that still. And try to explain this to a non-attorney HR department. Ugh.
Coworker is laid off at my work, which prompts rumors and worry.

Took entire month off work. Miserable.
No B around. B still living in spare bedroom.
No planning of the wedding because had to study. No paycheck.

Back to work. Still no health insurance (have to work 30 days). Came back to work the day after the exam, but this was not really acknowledged by the powers that be.
Began planning the wedding full-swing. Had to change venues when we learned one venue might go under.
B still 130 miles away, in spare bedroom.
Find out Paddington has two bad teeth. :(

Passed the darn bar exam!
Sent out invitations!
B gets new apartment, more freedom, but also we get another rent payment. But we also get storage for the wedding, so.... :)

I change job positions to a new team. Like the work, loathe the boss.
Wedding prep full-time.
I get health-care coverage.
Two rents still.

Decide to forego the honeymoon. Not really good time professionally or monetarily.
Still loathe boss, who whines about not being invited to wedding and calls my husband names.

Find new home equi distance from B and my work
Move. Deal with summer in Oregon, also known as construction season.

Find new carpool. Begin 110 miles/day commute, both of us.
Move B out of his apartment. Last month of B's rent, so last month of double rent.

Still carpooling.
Get Maddie!

I get "let go" from my job, with a good recommendation, but still. Partially good news, because that boss? No more!
Declare situation to landlord and begin hunt for replacement tenant.
B begins his commute for nothing, since we're not equi-distance from two works anymore.
B gets made permanent (instead of independent contractor) at his work. Both of us get health coverage through his work.

To San Diego for Thanksgiving (tickets bought before lay-off).
Agree to double rents again, and found a little cottage in B's work city.
House rents, so pack pack for move-out in early December.
Sell many possessions and donate a lot to Goodwill, since move is from a 3-bedroom house to a 1-bedroom, lofted cottage.

MOVE during a record cold-snap in Oregon. Homeless for 10 days, with our dog at friends' house, cats snuck into hotel room, possessions in a truck and our two cars, and at our friends' house.

Here's hoping that 2010 brings happiness, stability, and calm!

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