Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hair decision and life in general.

Ok, I've decided on the cut and color. I will post photos.

Job stuff: got good feedback from a boss today, so yay! My hours have picked up, so this is a good thing.

Home stuff: B is good, as usual, though he did break the butter dish, which I really liked. Sigh. I think I'll forgive him. ;)

Garden stuff : I am 9 for 9 on germination!!! Granted, 2-3 of the trays have sparse germination, but still! In wintertime? That's good!

Pets stuff : Maddie goes in for her spay surgery tomorrow. Poor thing won't know what's going on. We came home yesterday to her having decided to pull out all our shoe insoles and just sort of gum them. BAD DOG! She was terrified that we were mad at her, so ashamed and terrified that she put herself in her kennel. She is so eager to please that when we get upset with her, she is just mortified. It's a good thing to have in a dog, I suppose... she really learns fast what she should and should not do. But doggone it, I feel so guilty when we discipline her!

House stuff: Still a lot to do.
1) Our coatrack kept falling down. I found the studs, and of course, the studs are not the distance we need them to be. Grr. So, I bought a long piece of oak, which we'll hang on the studs, and then we'll hang the coatrack on the oak.

We need to figure out how to organize our dry/canned food. We have this corner shelf in our kitchen, but it's just frustrating because it's SUPER deep and you can't tell what you have and don't have.

We need to fill up the trailer the landlord brought by for us to fill up. There was a bunch of nasty debris in the front area, and eww. We want it GONE.

We need to buy, paint, and organize a small cabinet unit for in the kitchen, on top of which will go our toaster and microwave.

We need to hang the long shelf in the bathroom so we can take the baskets out from under the sink, put them on top of the shelf, and put our spare (old & grungy) towels under the sink.

We need to buy a lock set for the outdoor side shed so we can put more stuff in there and have it secure.

We need to go through the remaining boxes in the laundry room because we can't move around in there right now and we need to find various things in those boxes (like the camera battery charger).

We need to take the cardboard boxes currently on the back deck and spread them out over the backyard to kill the grass. Any remaining area, we need to tarp to kill everything.

We need to figure out what to do with my Moroccan poufs and our shaggy brown rug. Sell? Store?

We have to figure out a better system for B's bike than stuffing it into the laundry room.

Once that stuff is done, we can justify the fun projects, like building flowerbed planters to go in front of the house.

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