Monday, January 25, 2010

No figs-- cherries & gooseberries instead!

I opted NOT to get figs this year. There's a small tree next to our house, and we can see how much we like those.

My next door neighbor, who shares my love of gardening, gave me an extra gooseberry plant! I am very excited, especially since I've been hunting for one! I think the berries look like miniature dinosaur eggs.

The main reason for no figs? Costco had semi-dwarf cherry trees! And not just any ol' cherry trees, but 4-grafted cherry trees, meaning they may have up to four different types of cherries on one tree. LOVELY. So, we got two of them, and we'll plant them in the far north corner of the yard. They're approximately this big (see below), so we may have some fruit this year.

Yesterday was annoying. I had wanted to dig in the yard (Maddie's recovering from surgery, so she was cooped up inside), but it was POURING. So I sat inside and worked on my garden plan. :) That was fun, but I really wanted to get my poor plants in the ground.

So, I currently have 16 blueberry plants outside (they have decent root balls on them, so they should be ok, but...), and 12 raspberry plants.

Inside the laundry room, there are all my rhizomes and roots (no super big hurry on planting those), but also my dwarf apricots and my peach. Those need to get planted asap.

And finally, in my car, there are the two Costco cherries.

As of right now, the cherries, apricots and peach trees can go in, since their beds are done. That will probably happen today, rain or shine (or gray cloudy, which it is right now).

THe next row houses 3 blueberry boxes for 6 plants, but 2 of the 6 are plants I don't have yet. Duke Blueberries should have another type of blueberry for cross pollination, so I have to buy those still, so I will leave space. That means, even with the next row, only 4 blueberries get planted. Eeek! Alongside that row is a row of raspberries (long boxes), so that may need to get done asap too.

Sigh, more box building, more digging, more rock sorting. This would be so much more fun if it was not in the rain....

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