Friday, January 22, 2010


I love craigslist.

Yesterday, I found an ad selling Tulameen (bearing throughout the summer) raspberries for next to nothing.

B and I hadn't planned on getting raspberries (we would just get them at a local farm) because we thought they'd be a bit too pricey. But now? We're going to be the new home for at least 12 plants. They'll go in as a row right next to the blueberries.

We are really excited to be adding another fruit that, once in and established, will bear fruit year-after-year. It's nice not to have the additional expense, and know that they will be there next year too. And raspberries! Oh yum.

I still need to build my baskets for my strawberries. We're getting approximately 50 plants (again, another craigslist find). And once my raspberries are in, the goji berries (3 or so plants) will go right nearby, as well red currants. After that, I think we're done with the recurring berries... though I might add a gooseberry plant for fun.

So completely exciting.

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