Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First seed purchases made!

Today, I finally sat down and ordered seeds. I've been meaning to for a while, but it's a bit of a daunting task! I really like a lot of Parkseed's selection, so I began with them. I hope to go to Territorial Seed Co (since they're nearby) and get the rest (and fresh plants picked up, not shipped) in April. We'll see!

For flowers, I tried to get:
1) plants for the shade;
2) plants for color and arrangements;
3) plants for drying.

For vegetables, I tried to get:
1) VERY productive;
2) Unusual but yummy;
3) Hard-to-find in plant form locally.

I still have much to get, namely:
1) order onion transplants;
2) buy tomatoes... at least pear cherry tomatoes;
3) find green pattypan squash
4) find lemon cucumbers and long cucumbers... etc etc.

But, this is a good start! Here are photos of what I bought:

Coleus mix (for shade):

Coleus 'black dragon', for shade:

Striped magda zucchini:

Squash, eastern delight (zucchini-type squash, but a little nuttier):
Yellow patty pan sunburst!:
Yellow pattypan squash:
Crookneck squash, yellow:
More Zinnias:
Ruffled Zinnias:
Astilbe (I already bought orange astilbe... it's good for shade):
Striped eggplant:
Kale (for fall):
Okra, spineless:
Snap peas:
Sugar peas:
Yellow, creamy string beans (stringless):
Green beans (stringless)
Orange massive tomatoes:
Rainbow tomatoes:
Pink tomatoes:

Regular tomatoes (but very very very productive):
Purple/chocolate regular tomatoes!:
Pineapple tomatoes:
Yin Yang beans (for drying):
Purple cherry tomatoes:
Coneflowers (for drying and arrangements):
Bush beans:
Purple string beans:

All in all? Very exciting.

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