Friday, January 15, 2010

Locked out and unproductive


I got off work a little bit early yesterday. So, I ran to the store to pick up the last few ingredients to make the crazy-large batch of burritos for B (put them in the freezer and he grabs one for lunch). I already have cooked up about 8lbs of meat and then shredded it.

Then I ran by a woman's house who was selling a brand-new 8-qt crock pot (yes, 8 quarts. LOVELY). I bought it and then realized: I LOCKED MYSELF OUT OF MY CAR.


Luckily, the woman had AAA, so she was able to call them and get my car opened for free. But it was an hour wait, and I didn't know her. She was working with her husband on an outdoor project, so I hung around outdoors. Luckily, it was warmish yesterday; about 50 degrees. but I still had my work skirt on and nothing to do. I had high heels on so I couldn't walk too far also. Sigh.

So beginning a few projects at home had to wait.

By the time I made it home, I had another email from a gal with a really nice coffee table I wanted (looks like this one but isn't), so I hopped into the house, yelled at the dog for chewing a show (grrrr!!!), and then hopped back out for the coffee table.

Tomorrow is blueberries! Also, a really neat recycling place by us (like super awesome neato recycling place with sinks, wood, antiques, you name it) is having a 50% off sale this weekend. We're hoping to find some good garden stuff, and maybe some paver stones for B to use on his front walkway.

And hopefully, HOPEFULLY, we'll find the camera charger so we can charge the battery and take photos. :)

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