Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Picture of house

This is our home. A nice little cottage.
Yes, it is pretty small. But we love it. I'll post pictures of the interior when we have before/after shots to show.

The space I want to talk about today? The laundry room. See that little jut out with the blue window? That's our laundry room. You access it by a door to the left of the front door (you can't see it in the photo).

Oy... the laundry room.

It's actually a pretty decent-sized space. There's about 5'x7' of usable space. The rest of it is taken up by the two machines and the water heater.

Some old tenant installed these shelves in there. I think the old tenant picked around and found every old piece of wood they could find to go in there. There's some pretty crazy stuff, and I think a dormitory was pilfered and a few palates were destroyed.

The problem? The shelves are like 3' deep. That's pretty much too darn deep. And their vertical spacing is a bit nutty. It's like a box and a half. Plus, there are these weird lips all over the place, so you THINK you can get a box out, but actually, it's stuck. Finally, the bottom shelf? It's actually an old wooden palate. That's great because then it's off the floor... but that's bad because there is like eons of nasty dirt, dust and grime underneath it.

Ew. And this is where we do laundry and store stuff?

So, I've proposed to B that we REMOVE the shelving. We have two nice garage shelf units my folks gave us, and I think that will look LOVELY in there. And honestly? No shelving would also look fine. Maybe just a small table or something.

Point is, we won't know until the nasty shelving gets removed. Please, B, Please? May we please chuck it? Burn it this summer in the backyard in the fire pit?

Then there's the flooring.

Picture particle and chip board. Now picture it 15 years old and having been walked on a lot. Ew
Gross gross gross gross.

I haven't yet figured out how to tackle the flooring. Laminate wood flooring (Pergo) is pretty cheap at a local store (like 99 cents a sq foot or less), so maybe go that route? I mean, it'd only end up being like $35 (hooray Oregon for no sales tax). Honestly, I'd be willing to swallow that amount for a nicer space. Hmmm... Much to think about.

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