Friday, February 20, 2009

Chair Covers

So here is my aspiration to achieve re: the chair covers. We think white covers would look great, as well as the yellow sash (though our sash would be out of material, not flimy ribbon). Instead of a live flower though, we thought we'd put one of the rose droplets there.  I think it will look really pretty, especially if the rose droplets are either red or orange. Hm. The pattern for the chairs should be really simple, and I have nice cotton material (easy to work with). It should just be a matter of cut and sew. I can get B to help out with the cutting part. :) Sewing, not so much, though he's pretty darn handy and wants to learn.
I think my back panel on the chair will be all one piece though. That way there will be 4 pieces total: Back panel, front of the backpanel/seat/front of chair and the two square side panels. It's not a garment for a person, so it should be error-hiding and relatively forgiving.

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