Saturday, February 14, 2009

New dress, fun night

I got my amazingly wonderful blue dress for the dress rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I LOVE it. It's even prettier than in the photographs online. I got it from a vendor's ebay store that I have used previously. All new stuff, all high-quality, but no want-to-shoot-yourself prices. 
The skirt is this beautiful textured chiffon. The ribbon (which I'll need to steam/press) around the waist is lovely silk which matches the neck collar. It's the same collar style in the back, except there are two blue silk-covered buttons so if you're head is huge you can unbutton it to get the dress over your head (I guess I don't have a huge head because I don't need to unbutton it). The buttons have a bit of a keyhole opening beneath them, but it's more for neckline/head space than it is for style, I think. 

I love it. I want to just walk around a room elegantly sipping a glass of wine in this dress. I think I may just pair it up with a larger, more complicated pair of earrings and go necklace-less because the dress's neckline is just so simplistically classy. Hmm. I think I'm puffing too much about this dress, but hopefully it goes to show that I LOVE it. 

And yes, I bet I could have made something like this myself, but a) the material would have been more expensive than this dress was, and b) I don't have to hassle working with difficult materials like silk and chiffon. And I suppose c) no time expended for dress-making. But yay!

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