Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Placemat mockup...

No, this isn't an actual placemat (if it was, it'd be huge). I was trying to decide whether to order something for placemat materials... So I did a mock-up. The white ribbon will actually be a yellow ribbon matching the yellow we choose for other things. We may move the red organza up a bit; it looks too half-and-halfy right now. But I think we both like the design enough to purchase the materials. We have most, but we needed the wood backing. 

And yes, I whole-heartedly acknowledge that I made a mess by knocking everything out of the way to do this. 


  1. I can't believe how much you are making for this wedding, chair covers, placemats, all the centerpieces, the decorations. You are AMAZING. WISH I were there to help you!!

  2. I can send you projects.... :) But thanks! I have good help in Bob... but I wish you were here!