Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yellow ribbon acquired

So I bought this yellow ribbon yesterday off ebay (great place to buy in bulk, especially with combined shipping).
I like the look of a satin-y ribbon for the placemats, but then I realized that things would look weird if the satin there did not nicely match the yellow elsewhere. Organza is great because it allows for much more cheating when it comes to matching. Plus, in a way, the organza yellow "matches" the other ribbons because it is, well, organza. 

I'm thinking about making all the rose droplets in the eating areas yellow, hanging by this yellow organza. I think making rose droplets in orange and red would make it look too busy because of all the orange and red lanterns as well.  We might put some rose balls on the tables... but that's to be determined based on our table mockup that we'll be doing later in March. 

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