Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rose droplets!

Here are the rose droplets. They match the centerpieces (as in the roses are the same size), but these are smaller in overall diameter. The centerpieces are about 10 inches in diameter, whereas these are about 5 inches. The bases are... ping pong balls. Yea, no joke. You can get them really cheap on ebay. I have a ton. You should have seen the weird look the post office gal gave me when she handed me the box and you could hear all the balls rolling around. 

This is sort of a sucky picture because the flash bleached out the deep red color, but you get the drift.

B had a great idea that we hang the rose balls in a chain. Strip of organza, rose ball, strip of organza, rose ball, strip, rose ball. I LOVE that idea, especially above the dance area. It will offset the lanterns really well, especially since most of the lanterns there will be larger and with the lights inside. 

I also like that we can choose not to put the ribbon on the rose balls and instead have them lying on the tables. I think it matches our decor better than rose petals or crystals or whatever. 

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