Monday, February 16, 2009

The whole wedding industry is disgusting

Seriously. These people prey on your commitment to a nice day. Just for fun, I looked online at how much garter belts cost. Do I plan to wear one? I dunno. But you're obligated to do the funny bit where the guys fall all over themselves when it's thrown, right? Dang, they're expensive! A small bit of elastic, maybe some lace, maybe some satin. Brava, done. And what, they're $25+ !??? Seriously. I doubt that guys out there are not as wedding-excited as girls.

A girl catches a bouquet and she'll save it. Probably as a reminder that she was thrilled ot be the center of attention or something. But does a guy save a garter belt he catches? More likely his GIRLFRIEND at the time will display it prominently as a constant reminder that it is somehow indicative that he must propose soon.

I really don't want or need something else that I will be making for this wedding, but the prohibitive cost of the garter belt, coupled with the likely "oh whoop dee doo" sentiment from the guy who catches it... I think I might just make it.

Ugh. Wedding people are scammers. I should start a business to show people how to deal with wedding leeches who want to take all your money.


  1. wedding people are serious scammers. and so much of the stuff, as you are finding, can be made so much more cheaply yourself. i made all our programs, announcements, guest book, and favors for super cheap.

    i wore a garter belt, not so much because i wanted to but because brian thought we "should" do the garter toss. all the guys stepped aside, because none of them wanted to catch it. it depends on the guys, i guess. i did not make mine, i can't remember where we got it. my mother or mil might have picked it up cheap somewhere.

  2. Ha-- they had one at the 99c store, but that sorta felt weird. I don't mind buying from there, but buying something liek a garter belt from there sorta seems wrong, you know?