Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's supposed to snow again. 
I swear, Goldie, my almost-teenager car, hates me.
She's originally a San Diegan
and really detests I moved her here.
That's why she's hiding in the right corner of the picture.
She's cold and mad at me. 

But Rumpole will again have something to watch.
He loves staring at the falling snow. 
What must he think is going on?

Please ignore the unmade bed.


  1. woody loves to watch the rain. absolutely loves it. he will sit for hours at the window entranced, and the harder it falls the better. he would probably go NUTS with snow.

  2. You know, one bird I had growing up, Freddy, he LOVED it when it rained. I'd open the window and he's smush his little face against the screen and listen. He'd let out these little excited sighs and occassionally run back to me all excited before racing back to the screen. He'd actually stand in the grate of the window.

    Animals are interesting huh? You're right... Woody would either go nuts or be very confused.