Monday, April 26, 2010

A new project.

Here I was, minding my own business, sitting on the couch this evening.

And then it struck. Idea lightning.

I LOVE the way canned food looks. Or even just food in mason jars. There's something so earthy and delicious and natural about it. But, my canned good storage is currently the unusable back section of the countertop. You know, where the countertop is in an L shape and the back corner is unusable, dark and creepy. Yes, that's where my canned foods go, banished to a life not full of appreciative eyes.

It's very hard to keep an inventory down there too.
So tonight I thought... why can't I replace that expedit bookshelf in the kitchen with a wall of shelving for our food?

(if you just heard a loud scream, that was my husband, realizing his wife may have just come up with another project).

Really though, it would be lovely to have more room in the kitchen. While it's a fairly large kitchen (given the size of the overall cottage), the cabinets are SO deep that they're cavernous. You lose things in there. This would give us more space. More space= less crowding in the ginormous cabinets.

And oh the bliss. Can you imagine? Beautiful colors. All labeled. All accessible. All homemade.

I may have just cried a little.

Unfortunately, moving the expedit (and it's contents) out means figuring out where to put the stuff it currently contains. Hm. I say "SHED!", but the problem is, shed doesn't exist yet. And, we have to figure out where to put our old record player (complete with old horn). Hm.

So really, the evening boils down to this:
Idea of canned wall...
Then realize shed must occur first...
Then realize new shelf in living room much occur for record player...
Then realize another 40 details...

Heck, with it, I still think it's a good idea and would look fabulous!

I think, perhaps, it's awaiting my attention this summer. Doors and windows open, I renovate in the summer sun.


  1. I love the term "idea lightning"! And canned food. I like canned food, too.


  2. Thanks Kelly! You are free to use the term; you're so full of ideas. It really was a lightbulb moment; ooh, that wall would look so pretty changed around.