Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chicken Smorgasbord

It is beautifully sunny out today, and the chickens have a feast. I documented it.

Fresh cut grass, slurped down with enthusiasm.

Must pick the right piece...

Eating up leftover mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, fresh greens, peas, and sprouted grain.

They never stop moving.

Yum yum. You can also see their little hanging basket of greens. They like to peck at it. With every peck, it spins and moves around. Cheap entertainment.

Hmmm... what's over here?
Like a pack of hungry wolves.

They're so big! Any day now: Fresh eggs from the red girls.

The process: gobble gobble peck mashed potatoes, wipe beak on gravel, repeat.

Oh, and ocassionally stop to look at the camera and the crazy human.

Checking out what her sister ran off with to the back of the pen.

What's up, chicken butt?

Yes, we step all over our food. There's really no sanitary way to feed a chicken.

The baby! She's the same age as the rest of the red birds, but she's about 1/3 smaller.

The baby is totally sweet too. She always says hi to me before eating breakfast in the morning.

The first investigation of the grub for the day...

Necessary slurping of water.

Investigation of weird human creature.

Posing for the camera...

Look how big they are!

And that's the end. Too many chicken photos. :)

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  1. Love the chicken pictures. How many weeks are they now!! Getting big, they look as big as your barred rocks.