Thursday, January 13, 2011

Currently coveted kitchen items

There are several kitchen items I'm currently coveting. So, I thought today I'd post. I must admit that part of this post's purpose is to keep me from forgetting what these delicious things are called (at least, for the first two items).

The first up: Caneles. I recently discovered these AMAZING treats in at our town's farmer's market. Unfortunately, the stand was operated by an independent person, not affiliated with a particular bakery, so right now I cannot get another (since the market is closed until April). This is probably a good thing for my waistline.

As described by seriouseats, caneles have a dark, carmelized crust and a custardy inner. Yup, that describes them. However, they require molds. And this is the step I lack. I've tried to find them for relatively cheap, but so far, no luck. Maybe I should just get 2-3 and see if I can even get success? Hm.

So, here are the little copper molds. Delightful, right?

And the amazing finished product. Trust me, they taste amazing.

Next up: Krumkakes. These are made with iron little presses that squish the batter to a thin disk. The designs are intricate, and the finished product can quickly be molded into a cone or bowl shape too. I think they're pretty fabulous as disks. Crunchy cone-y.

And I must say, pretty adorable. Maybe I'll get one in advance of this year's holiday season? Maybe.

Finally, the most useful item of the three: a tortilla press. AND, my neighbor recently got one, so maybe I'll get to try this one out before ordering one. "But tortillas are so cheap!" you say. True, but if you're like me, you use 2-5 out of the package and then forget they're there. Stale package later, possibly complete with mold, you buy another package, wasting half the package of tortillas. Plus, I'd like to make my own. Maybe healthier tortillas? Something not made with lard? Or small ones to make cute appetizer tortillas? The possibilities are endless.

The little metal handle clamps the top lid down, so that the machine does the work for you, pretty much. You'll still have to cook the tortillas. I'd be interested in seeing how much effort this takes from start to finish. The other positive of this press is that it's easy to clean. FLAT surface. A plus in my book.

So there you have it! Three coveted items. We'll see which one moves to the "owned" category first!

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  1. Caneles! They serve those after dinner in Paris. We had some a few times while we were there.

    Let me know if you need a tortilla recipe! I have the family version from my mom.