Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adventures last weekend

Last weekend, we were in Eugene.

My handsome husband

Eugene has a fabulous Saturday Market that we LOVE to go to and we go there every chance we get. There's always something new, something happening. Always different.

Random quartet playing.

It was the perfect day. Not too hot, not too cold, not breezy. The fish fountain looked so nice and cool, and the trickle of water could be heard throughout the booth tents.

Fish fountain (see the sculpture of the school of fish?), Eugene.

B got very creative and took this neat picture of a close-up of where the water falls over the side in the fountain.

Mini-waterfalls in fish fountain.

And, of course, it's Eugene, so you will find your odder fares too. Like TDTP-- Tie-dyed toilet paper! Yes, it's been "butt used around the world." Funny thing is, I actually bought one for B's mom as a gag gift last Christmas.

And, in case you're lacking, you can also buy brains, apparently. I must admit, they were quite cute, but still a little creepy for me to have as a paperweight (that size was labeled "pea brains." Cute....).
Brains for sale.

After the market, we went by a few small antique-y stores. But we didn't buy anything; they can just be SOO overpriced.
So we made our way then to our favorite restaurant: The Bierstein. It's our version of Cheers.
The staff there are all so nice. We didn't realize it, but one of the staff, Mad Dog, was just diagnosed with cancer. We happened on in at the right time: They were having a 4-hour benefit fundraiser to help fund his treatment. And look at the crowd!

Mad Dog's Cancer Fundraiser at the Beirstein
Since it was for Mad Dog, we splurged a little bit. I got a Framboise Lambic, and B got a Silver Moon Heff. Yum (my lambic, not B's heff). I'm not a big beer drinker, but I like the sweet stuff. But, Beirstein also has wine, and has the most generous pours I've ever witnessed.

Delicious cold lambic and heff at Bierstein.

The Bierstein is well-known for their WIDE selection of beers. Over 900! Too bad I don't like beer that much. I go there for their yummy paninis and wine (and occassionally their sweet beer). But, B likes beer, as you can see him here examining one of the cases. And the picture also is a good example of the countless beer...

Bierstein beer selection (and my husband intently concentrating)...

So that was our weekend in Eugene. As I get better about taking photos, I'll post more. I wolfed down my GORGEOUS caprese salad at the market before I remembered to take a photo. Alas. But it was SO good, trust me. We also went to Red Barn and got their naked coconut ice cream (yes, I splurged a LITTLE this weekend), but again, whups on the photo.

But, as a finisher, here are two pictures of Frankie and Paddington. They were all snuggled next to each other in-between the blinds and the sliding door. It was adorable. So, I snuck outside to take a photo, but doggone it-- they saw me. I think they look quite relaxed though.

Frankie and Pads, chillin' in their hiding place.

Apparently there's no privacy in this house.
Too bad guys.
You were just being too cute!

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