Friday, August 7, 2009

A recap of the past 5 years...

I talked to my father on the phone this week, and he made the comment of "sometimes you just need time for nothing." It made me think that there have been projects on our plates for a while. I mean, right now we're unpacking boxes... I haven't been out of boxes for the past year and a half. It's been a crazy 5-6 years. I know I know, someday I'll have kids and this won't seem crazy. But in my world, it is.

2004: Lived in Oakland/Berkeley, commuted to San Francisco for work. Moved twice.

2005: Started out in Oakland/Berkeley, commuting to SF. Moved once, but then summer of 2005 was basically spent hopping from friend's place to friend's place becuase leases were up and I was moving in August to...Oregon! Law school began in August 2005. Found a lovely one-bedroom apartment. Long distance relationship... but that ended in September 2006. Just not the right person and not the right situation. Ended the job in SF, but had a part-time job my first semester.

2006: First year over, second year began. Worked that summer for a professor and for a judge. Worked as a tutor the next fall in Contracts. That was fun! Second year was much better than the first year. Broke up with long-term, long-distance boyfriend. Dated. Started dating a jerk law student... should have seen the forest through the trees on that one. Ahh lessons. Packed up my things winter of 2006 because I got to house-sit in a gorgeous craftsman for two professors who were spending a semester elsewhere (free rent, woot). Lived with a friend for 2 weeks first... she was lovely for putting me up.

2007: Living in the professors' house for the first 5 months of the year. Met this law student whom I really thought was a bit full of himself. Turned out to be my future husband. Tutoring still, working for 3 professors. House sitting and pet-sitting business is really taking off at this point. Everyone likes that I'm not ripping them off... I guess kennels give you very little for a lot of money. Found an adorable historic house for song and got the top floor apartment. Quirky. Loved it. That summer I clerked for a good law firm in-town. Loved that too. Continued to research for professors, though the one was beginning to bother me (ever get the sense that someone thinks they're too good for what they're doing now? Yea...). Started dating B the fall of 2007.

2008: Dating B. Loving it. Got the job in March, to begin in August. Packed up the apartment before the bar exam because the job was originally to begin 110 miles away the day after the exam. Studied like a mad woman for the bar exam. Computer crash. Things went wrong. Didn't pass. Horrible feeling. Had already been working for the firm for a month when the results came out... but they liked me a kept me on as a paralegal while I studied again. Meanwhile, B (despite being at the top of the class) was not finding a job. Darn economy. He opened his own firm late 2008, and decided to move about 30 minutes away (we had 2 apartments close to each other) to be mid-way between me and where his practice was at. Got engaged in late November.

2009: January: part time at work to study, February: off work completely. And time off= not paid. Just saying. B got a job 110 miles south of me in late January. He lived with friends for the first 4 months, then got his own apartment. I moved into his old apartment. I took the bar exam in late february. THen continued as a paralegal until mid-April when I found out I PASSED! Got sworn in in May. Changed job titles May 1 and love it. Got married in late June. Found the new house the following weekend. Packed up and moved (this last weekend).

SO now we are where we are now. In boxes, but married and together with B. The last year has been a whilewind. Two bar exams. Engagement. Three moves. Marriage. Job changes.

I'm ready for some continuity, please. Things can be the same for a while and that'd be just peachy for me.

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