Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The end is in sight!

The apartment will be moved out of tonight-- completely. About a backseat of things remain, as well as two monster cats.

Thank goodness.

I also have to clean the kitchen. EWWWWWW. And do small things like wipe blinds.

After all our trouble yesterday, I forgot the doggone drip pans at home for the stove. Drat! It's ok; I'm sure the landlord will find something else wrong with the place. They always do, right? So we'll have to come back on Saturday mid-day anyway.

Tonight before cleaning, I'm headed over to check this out:
Isn't it neat? I should add it's over 5 feet long. I like it, and it will nicely fit in a number of places, and will take up space on our wall without looking clutter-y. And it's CHEAP in price, so we can get it.
Last night B had dinner waiting for me. I love that man. Tacos with beans and rice. Woo! I had gone to the apartment, loaded up a bunch of things, grabbed monster cat Frankie, then went and picked up the rocking chair, wrapped the heck out of it, padded it, and tied the sucker into my car so tightly no way would it fall out on the interstate.
Needless to say, I was tired when I got home. But dinner! Bliss.
Tomorrow is Day 1 of trying out the vanpool. I hope it works out. All I could think about this morning on my way to work was "I could be sleeping right now." And tomorrow: I could be. I scoped it out this morning, and the park n ride is exactly where I expected it to be.
Knowing I can go back to sleep will make getting up much easier in the morning. Seriously! It is one thing to make yourself get up and then not have to be alert. It's entirely another to wake up and know you have to drive 50 miles.
Plus, this eliminates my immediate need to find the supplies for the coffee machine. I know they're in a box, in the garage. Which one is unknown though....

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