Thursday, August 20, 2009

Parental Visitation

My parents are visiting tonight. They live in Southern California, but my dad knows how to fly, so now that he's retired they have this tiny airplane and they hop all over the place. Apparently, this weekend, they're going to some event in Washington. Since they have to practically fly over me, they are stopping by.
(this isn't his airplane, but it's the same type, so you get the idea)
I'm looking forward to seeing them. They want to take B and me out to dinner, but that's kind of hard since there isn't anywhere spectacular to go out to eat. The city where B works: no problem! Lots of places. The city where I work: no problem! Lots of places. But where we live? Um....

I'd be more than happy to cook, but I think my dad wants to avoid me working in the kitchen instead of visiting. Fair point. So I think I'm going to try to nab some food from up here and take it home in the vanpool this afternoon. But, I don't have my car, so if the place I'm thinking of doesn't deliver, then we may be up the creek without a paddle. There are a few chain places (Olive Garden, etc), but hmm.

It's also sort of strange. I normally sort of freak out when my parents visit and clean everything. Right now, we're very SLOWLY unpacking and getting the house set up. So it's understandable that the place isn't in tip-top condition. Plus, B and I work a lot. So, it's like the first time I haven't killed myself preparing for their visit. I do want to rush home tonight and make the bed though....

It's also the first time they'll visit me in a house. I've always had apartments (with the exception of when I house-sat for 6 months). And, it's the first time they're visiting B and me after we're married.

I'm sure it will be fun! I just have to get this food thing sorted out. And they're only here for tonight.

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  1. I love that your parents are flying to visit you. My dad use to have a similar airplane, but he has sold it recently. Enjoy your visit.