Monday, August 3, 2009

That's-a ticket!

Maybe I need to be more sympathetic....

My dad just emailed me. He went to Italy in January. Just got charged $80-something from the rental car company. Why? Because they provided his information to the police. Why? Because my dad got a ticket. For going 9 mph over the speed limit (supposedly), in Italy. And the $80 is just the car company finder's fee, not the fee of the actual ticket.

I thought the Italian road rules were merely suggestions? Apparently not.

Anyway, it's a partially serious, partially hilarious situation.


Sung to the tune of "That's Amore"
Whhhhhheen you drive in Italy oh so quick cuz mom has to pee
that's a ticketttt!

When you drive oh-so-fast and you-a press-a da gas
that's a ticketttt!

When you swerve hit da curb and blurt a bad verb
that's a ticketttt!

So don't mope there is hope cuz you didn't-a hitta da Pope
it's just a ticketttttt!

Apparently when my dad sung it to my mom she laughed so hard she snorted toothpaste. His fault for singing to her in a fake Italian accent while she was brushing her teeth...

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