Thursday, August 6, 2009

Queen Anne Cherry photos!

I got free cherries from a friend, so my friend Tiana and I picked probably around 80 lbs of the stuff (probably more). Here are our adventures with them, in photos:

Cherry jam, simmering in lovely spices on the stove.

Whole cherries being cooked in a light sugar syrup.

Pitted cherries. The ones that you need to examine float to the top. Neat trick, huh? And, if you keep them in a water mix that has a little vinigar, they won't brown. Love it! BTW, that's a BIG bucket. Just saying.

Only photo 1 of 3 of our finished cherries.

Jam cherries (awaiting lids and water baths).

Photo 2 of 3. That's a lot of cherries!

Photo 3 of 3of the cherries. That's a lot of cherries!
We made:
* Cherries cooked and soaked and bottled in rum (for desserts or breads)
* Brown sugar cherries (good for glazes, desserts or breads).
* Cherries in apple juice (the most flexible; preserves cherries in there almost-natural state taste-wise.
* Cherry jam (with cinnamon, cloves, brown sugar, etc.) nom nom nom.
Whew! And we're set for the year on cherries!

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  1. I totally need a cherry pitter! We're just so far from a store that would carry one...I suppose i could order one online. Anyways, the cherries look great. I'm curious about the cherries canned in apple juice. Do they really taste good? Our cherries turned out wormy, so we didn't do anything with them. :(