Friday, August 28, 2009

I worry...

I worry about B's car. He hasn't taken it in for a check up in a while and that worries me. It has a rattle that is either its typical engine or a sick sputter.

I worry about us and our commutes. 210 miles between two people is a lot of road to cover every day.

I worry about saving money.

I worry about our student loans. They're like parasites on my back. Juggling paying them off ASAP with saving is driving me crazy. I know people with 4x the amount of student debt as me. How do they function?!

I worry about B. He's been really tired recently.

I fret about unpacking a house and making it look decent while trying to keep the expenses down.

I think about what would happen if one of us lost our job. We can make it on one salary, but it would not be pleasant.

I think about the unexpected. Would that expense put us in trouble? We need to build up a better financial cushion.

I think about what I should be doing now to prepare for the future. I know we all look backwards and have our woulda-coulda-shouldas, but it'd be nice to not have huge ones.

I think about my friends. Sometimes they're not as good to me as I want, and sometimes they're better to me than I deserve.

I worry our landlord won't let us get a dog. It's not the end of the world, but it'd be a massive disappointment.

Sometimes I think I think about things too much... and other times I worry I don't think about them enough.

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