Friday, July 31, 2009

New desk lamps

Saw these Frank Lloyd Wright (kinda sorta)-style lamps on CL yesterday and went for them. I've been looking for the right desk lamp both for my office and for home (see the fold up table in the posting before this one).

This morning, a lovely lit lamp sits on my desk at work. With my window curtain open and this lamp on, I don't need the bright overhead lights. Lovely.


Last night I didn't get much done. Well, I'm almost done with the office. Packed 4 boxes in there. Packed up a tub of coats, etc etc. Then feel asleep.


Tonight will be a bit chaotic. I'm leaving work around 3:30, picking up the truck, then going home. It will be nice to get home (hopefully) before 5. B will get up here probably by 8pm. We'll see how we feel about packing up the truck. He usually is pretty tired by the time he gets up here, but I'm holding out hope. I'd hate to wake up on Saturday to a LOT of loading to do...


A fabulous co-worker brought me a lock!!!! I'm so excited; now I don't have to buy one from the truck company. Lovely!

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