Monday, July 27, 2009

Desk and rocking chair

I love this desk. It's really similar to ones I used in grade school. No, I'm not 130. But they were well-made desks, and my litte grade/middle school used them! I love it. I can totally see this desk near our front door. Keep some pens, notepads, tape, etc that sort of thing in there.
I think it has spunk!
Plus, it has the advantage of not resulting in our home looking like an Ikea store threw up all over it. That's one think I love about craigslist; you can totally find variety, easily.
I'm really keeping my eye out for a lovely antique table/desk to use in my office. That'd make me very happy. I have a garage now, so I can throw down a tarp and strip a piece to restain it a better color (I heart cherry and walnut) if I need to. So the options are out there. Just looking for the right piece....
This weekend, we agreed to buy this fabulous teak rocking chair:

I almost cried when I saw it. For years, I've had this desire to get an old, solid, craftsman/mission-style rocking chair. I think it's a piece to grow old with. I can imagine sitting there as a new wife, just married. I can see myself reading there, drinking tea, etc. I can see sitting there pregnant and someday rocking kids. Don't worry B, that's a long way off. But I love this piece. And it's comfortable (something which most rocking chairs aren't).

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