Tuesday, July 28, 2009


WE GET TO MOVE THIS WEEKEND! (and that's a good thing)

I'm so excited. It's pending the green-light from B. He's in a big meeting today, so yea, he hopefully will be able to call and confirm at lunch.

But... basically, the old tenant moved out a little early, there's not much for the landlord to fix, so he's cool with us taking possession on Saturday. Our lease would still begin on 8/4, but we'd move in on 8/1.

This is lovely for many reasons. Best of all though, we get to move and then we get to clean, and this doesn't have to be done in the same day. It is SO tough to move and as soon as you get your boxes on the truck, you have to lug yourself back upstairs and clean clean clean. You end up doing a scuzzy job because you're exhausted, and then you don't get your deposit back.

Not us! We can move 90% of our belongings this weekend, and then pack up the remaining 10% and clean over next week. Deee-light-ful!

Also, it's supposed to be nice this weekend; a high of 88-90. Right now the high is 105 expected today. Yea, it's a heatwave for the Pacific NW. Don't know what the weekend after this one will bring, so it's nice to have the move for a weekend that looks to be nice (and not sweltering or rainy).

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