Thursday, July 30, 2009


In case you haven't heard, the Pacific NW is in a heatwave. Here, we almost beat the all-time high (not just for a particular day, but since 1890). And we tied the record highest minimum (basically: It didn't cool off at night).

I thought I was immune to all this.

But as I went from REALLY high AC to really hot outside again and again yesterday, my head began POUNDING. No way. I grew up in southern California. I should have a body ready to take on heat. The headache said otherwise.

As I drove home last night (to my non-AC, in boxes apartment) I was feeling better and rarin' to go on packing.

Yea right.

I changed into shorts and a tank top and flopped onto the couch as if I had suddenly become boneless. UGH. When it's 105 outside and your place feels not much cooler than outside, it's problematic.

The other issue is that up here, it gets to the hottest point around 5-6pm. 5-6!!! At 8pm it was still hovering around 100.

Finally, around 8:30, I lugged my sorry butt off the couch because, well, things HAD to get packed! I tackled both storage units. Cleaned out one completely and the other about 80% (the remaining items there are a bit awkward-sized and hard to put in boxes).

Got 3 of the 4 rubbermaid tubs inside and stacked.

Filled up 4 tubs with winter clothing (freshly laundered, huzzah) and one tub with sheets and towels.

Filled up an entire corner of the living room with stuff to be donated.

Filled 5 trashbags and 1 box with trash. No, I wasn't living in trash, but some things just can't be donated. Yes, some of the trash was recycling, so at least I don't feel TOO badly.

Gave the cats a few bits of cold cold-cuts because they were MISERABLE. Nom Nom.

This morning, I emptied out my car. Brought home another 9 legal boxes from work and about 15 flattened boxes. I'm thinking of using the flattened boxes for artwork, mostly because the heavy-box-with-lots-of-frames just doesn't work. It's HEAVY. And I often lose a frame or two (the glass).

Also got a neat desk (which I'll post about in a few minutes). Lugged that upstairs, along with a Costco 12-pack of towels. I love my car. She can sure lug stuff for me.

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