Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moving update...

I'm always amazed at how many boxes your belongings take up. Yowza.

Now, I don't think I have a TON of stuff, but it's still quite amazing.

The kitchen for example: SO MANY BOXES. Maybe it's because things are pretty bulky in the kitchen. But still: Yikes. I easily used 20+ boxes on just the kitchen.

I'm storing all the boxes in the backroom. At what point do I need to be concerned with the floor caving in due to the weight? I think I may start also putting boxes in the living room.

Boxes remaining to be packed:
Kitchen: Probably another about 2-3 boxes, plus another box for the coffee maker/grinder and another box for the slow cooker.
Bathroom: Haven't really started on this, but I'd say 3-4 boxes.
Back office: Probably 2-4 boxes.
Bedroom: Probably 4-6 tubs (which I have)... I'm using these big plastic bins with lids for clothes because it's just easier.
Outside Storage Unit: Probably 3 boxes. Most of the stuff out there is in boxes anyway.

I also need to:
* Plastic wrap the wood furniture pieces so no scratches.
* Collapse the coffee table and bed frame.
* Deal with whatever is under the bed... I think it's mostly B's climbing gear, but still... Who knows!?!
* Take all pictures off the walls.
* Wrap the pictures in wrap, then package the pictures and frames in flat cardboard.
* Take down all the shelves in the apartment.
* Take down the spice rack.
* Possibly re-box all the canning supplies.

I should also add in here that we're going through a massive heat wave. It's supposed to dissipate come this weekend, but that doesn't help my packing. 105 degrees yesterday, which for the Pacific NW is quite miserable. And, no, I don't have AC. Monday tied a record: the highest minimum temperature of 74 degrees. In other words, it didn't cool off at night.

Luckily, where I am, there's an ok breeze. It also doesn't get too much direct sunlight. And, I own two big fans.

So, my process has been:
Morning: Shut all windows. Close all blinds. Fill 1 small bowl and one HUGE bowl with water for the cats.
Evening: Wait until it's about the same temp inside as outside, then open up all windows and all blinds. Set one fan by the screen of the sliding glass door, and one fan in the bedroom (so creates good air flow).

It's resulted in me not being too miserable. I go to sleep with just a sheet, and come about 2-3am, I need the blanket. woo! I also take a lukewarm shower just before going to sleep, so I'm a big chilled. It's worked.

The cats are miserable. Luckily, I've cleared out all the cabinets and whatnot, so they have lots of little hiding places to try to cool off on. But sometimes, they look like they're melting. I took photos of them all sprawled out and exhausted. I'm trying, guys! Hang in there! Tomorrow should be a little cooler, and the new place has AC!!!

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