Monday, July 20, 2009

SOO much from this weekend

There is so much to post from this weekend that it will take several postings. Right now I just got into work and realized a big project was due tomorrow. Doggone it. It'll be ok, just gotta reorganize priorities this morning on what projects get done first.

But, in a nutshell...

* Screw the DMV
* AWESOME garage sale finds
* A few great finds at Ikea (and grumble about their lack of good labeling)
* Great returns and great buys at Crate & Barrel
* Great buy at Bed Bath & Beyond
* Found and bought RED CURRANTS!!!
* Yummy dinner by B while we plucked red currants (seriously,I got about 20 lbs)

* Bought a craigslist rug
* Went to Costco, got a new vacuum and awesome face wipe thingies. Longed for a beautiful couch.
* Got raspberries, walked in farm fields
* Continued on the currants....
* Watched a pretty good movie "King of California"
* Got sad that B had to leave on Monday for the workweek and so stayed up too late pretending that the next day was not Monday.

Ok, yes, no packing got done. Yes, no cleaning or laundry either. And yes, I now have 30+ lbs of berries to go through in the next day. But I have plans for them, and it shouldn't be too difficult. Then, no more crafty things!!!

Today: Gotta go to the mechanic. STUPID DMV.
Tonight: checking out a neat rug. Let's hope it's nice! Yay craigslist.

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