Monday, July 27, 2009


I have a fish in my office!

He looks very much like this one:

The poor little guy was in a 2.5" diameter cup. Ugh! And right next to other male bettas, which is just NOT cool (males like to fight at the sight of another male betta). The moment I put him in his new bowl (a lovely 8+" diameter, large, nice bowl), he started fluttering, zipping around the bowl. SO HAPPY. His fins are quite nice right now, but I can only imagine that in his new environment, he'll get even finnier. :)
But now to decide a name! Hm. I originally thought "Bill" (as in billable hours) or the firm's name in an acronym, but I don't know. Maybe Louie or Dexter? He is very exciting. And, I need to buy a fish net for when I clean his bowl...

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