Monday, July 27, 2009

Hilarity in a freezer

I called my 82-year old grandmother (Oma) up tonight.

Me: Hey Omala! I have a riddle for ya.

Oma: Oh ya?

Me: Yup. So, you've heard it's hot up here right? It's 101 outside right now.

Oma: Yes. Oh it's hot down here too.

Me: Right, but everyone has AC down there, so here you have to improvise, you know?

Oma: Oh yes.

Me: So. Here's the riddle: You know it's hot when....


Me: Nope. Not many folks have AC here. 

Oma: Hmm. What then?

Me: When your husband tells you he needs a change of clothes!

Oma: Oh wow! It must be hot.

Me: Oh, I'm not finished.

Oma: No?! What else?

Me: You know it's hot when your husband needs a change of clothes, and he takes those change of clothes and puts them... IN THE FREEZER!!

Oma: WHAT?!

Me: Yup. In the freezer. He froze his clothes. So they'd be cold when he put them on.

I haven't heard her laugh that much in years. Cackled. She thinks B is awesome. So do I. And genius. 

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