Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We have a lease!

Last night we met at our midway point. Man, it really doesn't seem bad at ALL when you only have to go half (or less than for B) the distance you normally go! I kept telling myself as I drove from B's to my town that "oh, this is where I would stop..." but when you're not actually stopping it doesn't hit home as much. Now we only have to count from 1-50 rather than from 1-100 (or, if B's going past my work to my place, 1-130).

The rent is good, but still: choke cough, first and last months' rent. Deposit (gave that 1.5 weeks ago). App fee (for background check-- we gave this 1.5 weeks ago). Cat fee.


But: We found out that we would likely get approved if we want a 15-30lb dog. Wooo!!

B and I have talked it over, and we're going to wait a bit. Yes, we really want a bigger dog (see golden retriever photo at top), but we also realize that we may need to live in an apartment for a brief time if we change cities ever again, and the likelihood of finding a "big dog" apartment isn't too hot. Plus, big dog sort of seems like somethign to do once we make the jump to home ownership.

So we're going to wait a bit. And, we're likely going to get a young, but full-grown, already mostly trained, dog.

Our thought is that since we will have a commute, it is not the time to also try to train a puppy. It just wouldn't end well. We'd have to be careful and make sure the dog gets along well with the monsters, but that's our plan for right now. Settle in, get approval (6 mo-1year from now), then start to look.

We're thinking something like a Corgi (maybe Pembroke) or a mini (not toy) Australian Shepherd, but the energy level and personality would have to be spot-on. No crazy wild nutto shepherd, no yappy corgi. We've been reading upon breed traits, can ya tell? But we're patient. What's our hurry, right?

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  1. :) Corgis are only the best dogs ever. Let me know when you see the light, and I'll hook you up with Stella's breeder.