Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Post-married life.

Really, it's much the same as before. I suspect the big change will be when I'm finally living in the same place with B. We've only lived in the same place for about 1 crazy month, then with new jobs and whatnot, the double rent began again.

We've always lived near each other, until the last 5.5 months. That's when the 130+ mile gap entered the picture. I miss him so much. And now that we're married, it really enters the picture.

So the move really does take center stage right now. I can't wait to move and be with my man again! Plus, life in general will be a lot simpler by the sole fact that all our stuff is in one place. Right now, between our two places, our two cars, and our two works, who knows where anything is at.

I've been squirreling away boxes at work. I collected another 11 today. WOO! It would be delightful to move everything in the boxes from work. Lovely legal boxes that can stack 8 high and have attached lids. BLISS.

On other notes, we've still only opened about 1/3 our wedding presents. We had two days off post-wedding. One was devoted to family and the other to house hunting. And it was pretty sad to open gift and then have to rebox them because you weren't living together and who knows when you'll see them again. Plus, we were only together on the weekends, and we've had a total of 3 weekend days since the wedding where we were in the same place as the presents. We are so grateful for the gifts though. Now that we have a place lined up, we are both REALLY looking forward to opening the rest this weekend. We're now truly building a home! I also REALLY need to get started on thank you notes!

I should comment though that I did have time to do a project with B and friends this weekend: CHERRIES!! Long story short, I met a family a few years ago with a farm, and we can pick as many cherries as we like from their trees. We have to give them some, but that's the only "payment" required. LOVELY. And they're gorgeous Queen Anne cherries too.

We picked two gigantic rubbermaid containers full. Like, the 2x3' containers, not sandwich boxes.

My friend and I made 48 half pint jars and 37 pint jars of goodness. Spicy jam, cherries in rum sauce, cherries in brown sugar sauce, and cherries in apple juice. The spicy jam is just good on anything. The rum sauce cherries will be great chopped anthrown in as a marinade or into breads. The brown sugar ones will be great as a glaze, and the apple juice ones are the preserves; they maintain the cherry taste the best and we can thus use them for just about anything.

It wasn't that bad. We had enough pits to fill an entire shoebox. Crazy! We got these great pitters from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it was easy breezy.

Yesterday I escaped from work a little early and made it out to a farm near where I live. I went with another friend and picked about 25lbs of blueberries and raspberries! Not sure what I'm goign to do with them yet, but we'll soon find out!

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  1. I'm still working on your gift, but proper society guidebooks say I have a year, technically. I'm hoping by the end of next week. otherwise it wont be until mid august.