Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh dash it all.

Phbbbbt. :-P

I had great expectations for myself. I had 2 flats of currants, 1 flat of raspberries, and 1 flat of blueberries. I had great recipes all ready to go. I even had the ingredients (with the exception of white wine vinegar But wow, you should see my freezer.

We went in on a quarter-share of beef last fall (so we ended up with like 100 lbs of organic, pasture-raised beef. Yum), so that's a LOT of our freezer. And now, there are SO many berries in there, as well as a big bag of cherries that I stuck in there after facing the same predictament last month.

There's just too much going on. Weekends have been spent doing other things, and it's supposed to be hot (for us) this next weekend, so I really didn't feel like being in a hot kitchen, cooking and boiling water. Maybe I'll wait until we're in the new house... we'll see.

I do want to go and get some more blueberries, but right now, there's no room in the freezer. So, if B and I pick them this weekend, he gets to lug them home to his freezer. Yay. Actually, he loves blueberries, so I suspect he won't complain. :)

I think I should have the goal of having them all canned up and done with by blackberry season. That's a good goal. Mid to late August... though it will be sooner if this heat keeps up. Oh oh!

On the upside, my co-worker tried a can of my brown sugar cherries that my friend and I bottled up a few weeks ago. She loved them! She used them as a glaze on pork, which is one of the uses I hoped they'd be good for. And success.

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