Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dressing & a visit!

B came up to visit me last night. Poor guy! Drove 2.5 hours, then got up this morning at 4:30 and drove back. Gosh I love him. And I cannot wait until a MONTH from now when I live with him. FINALLY.


Last night I made raspberry vinaigrette. I picked raspberries and blueberries the day before. It was really simple, actually. 4 cups crushed raspberries, 4 cups white wine vinigar, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup honey. I divided it up into 3 large pint jars. You let it sit in a dark place for 3-4 weeks, stirring or shaking every 2-3 days. Then, you strain out the raspberries through cheesecloth, heat up the mixture, and can it up! Voila, raspberry vinaigrette dressing. B was excited and thought the jars looked pretty. I'll have to take a picture at some point; he has the camera right now. He also had fun smooshing the berries. :)

Last night I also bought a FANTASTIC new briefcase. I've been needing one BADLY, but I didn't want a fugly one or a nasty one. I also refused to pay $200+ for a bag that will get pen marks in it, stuff smashed into it, scratches, etc etc. I found this one, BRAND NEW, believe it or not, on craigslist. On a whim on Tuesday night I decided to do a search. LOVE IT. It's exactly what I'd buy if I was loaded with cash and didn't have to worry EVER about money. I should also add that it has lots of space inside (so it's practical) but not TOO much space (so it's bulky).

After the bag place, it was on to the store to get ingredients for my granola bars I'm making for this weekend's camping trip, as well as to make the vinaigrette (see above) and to can up the pounds of blueberries currently living in my fridge. Then, I stopped by and bought...



Our chairs are currently HORRIBLE. Two are literally falling apart. They have these slats on the seats and they've fallen off a few times when we've sat on them! Four are these little (uncomfortable) stools from a set B bought when he first came out to Oregon. But, they've moved so many times since then that they are now SOO wobbly that I can hardly sit on them, let alone stand on them.


With us moving, we needed something a bit more stable, to use for sitting and as a stepstool. These are really sturdy. Plus, we figure that with these, we can make our old tables work as a dining room and desk for a while, permitting us to build up bank accounts and whatnot (recovering from wedding and student loans and new homes and moving) before we look slowly to buy new furniture.


Whew. So that was last night! Oooh, and we opened three wedding presents.

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