Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding: PAID IN FULL.

As of 2pm this afternoon, our wedding is 100% paid for. We had a few big payments recently (the new place, paying the old place to leave, deposits, etc etc etc), so quite frankly, I'm DONE with having to write big checks.

Seriously Goldie (my car), you'd better not have any issues anytime soon.

While reviewing my statements, there were a few questionable charges. Seriously, who does this? Who thinks it's somehow ok to do this? I don't have a questionable charge every month, but really, every 2-4 months, I usually get a false charge. Someday, I want to meet this kind of person. No humanity. One time, someone started entering my phone number in a bunch of ringtone sites. Do you know a lot of those sites just automatically bill your phone company? Before you know it, $100 extra in fees. That took a lot to sort out.

I see photos of some weddings, and I must admit that it would have been a little nice to have relinquished some control. But then I remember that the extra wine goblet or fancy imported orchid centerpiece or $20 bottles of wine would have added quite the extra tab, and you know what? I love what we did. I like the touches we added, the lack of gushing expenses, and that the wedding was definitely "us." The stress is gone, and really, it's nice not to have to worry about paying this sucker off, you know?

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