Monday, June 21, 2010

Bathroom, finished.

I told you about the bathroom fixing up. And the house too.... but that's for another post. Well, I have "during" photos. And, if you look through the mess, you can see the bare bones with which we started.

When we do projects things typically go from their starting point to disaster zone before things slowly get picked apart. By picked apart, I mean analyzed. Things go in one of a few categories: 1) goodwill, 2) trash, 3) organize and keep. The trash and goodwill are easy categories. The organize and keep takes some thinking. We did not just want to cram things back in drawers.

So, here is the pile of garbage slowly getting picked apart. This is the "dump drawers out and sift method." I don't suggest it. It leads to insanity. And, I'm very ashamed of this photo. It was only momentarily like this. I swear to goodness.

The bathroom has one teeny window; to the right and upwards of the toilet. It's great for helping ventilation.
We'd already put a long shelf above the door-- good for storage, but you don't really notice the shelf, which is good for a small bathroom. I wasn't too happy about the organization OF the shelf, which is also what prompted the dump and sort.
And, the forever-present Maddie, wondering what the heck the stupid humans are up to.

And so, on to the finished product. Thank goodness, because I know you're probably scarred at this point from the dump and sort photo. Me too.

First off, I painted a wall. It's the wall behind the toilet and behind the mirror/sink. I didn't want to go my typical bright color, mostly because it's a small bathroom and it'd be overwhelming (I've made that mistake before in other bathrooms). So... gasp... I went with a nice tan. But, I mixed it with a darker tan, so I got some nice colors as I painted it on. It's not super noticeable, but I like it. Just a bit of a pop, and that's all I wanted.

I made these two frames to go behind the toilet. They read "As I breathe in, I am calm" and "As I breathe out, I am peaceful." These may be changed, but they are good for now.

The layout of the bathroom... in a horribly overexposed, blurry photo. I pretty much, I took out and sold the stand that went up and over the toilet. It made the whole place seem small. I cut shelves I already had into three smaller square shelves, and I painted them black. The bottom shelf has magazines (I took out our old rack), the middle shelf has a picture and a little glass birdie, and the top shelf has a plant and a candle. I did a treatment to the mirror and the clock. The clock may be changed (can't decide if it's a bit too matchy-matchy), but it's there for now. There's also a bamboo mat on the countertop, as well as some travertine tiles around the one size.

Closer-up view of the shelves. Are they ABSOLUTELY PERFECT? No. But honestly, it looks pretty nice. And, it's a rental. We're not going to spend $20 apiece for nicer shelves which may be useless when we move.

Before, we had no hand-towel rack. I've changed that and moved the rack to above the large towel rack.
The photo that was above the towel rack has been moved to above the light switches. Note that we were pretty careful about what type of photos we have in the bathroom. The bathroom often causes warping, what with all the steam and temperature changes. So, we have either plastic or wood or rock in the bathroom, for that reason. The exceptions are the two frames with that saying on them. But, those are pretty cheap frames, and we'll just keep an eye on them (they're also near the window, so we're not as worried).

We sorted some of the things we're keeping into bins. They're plastic bins, so no harboring mold or anything in the bathroom. But, they were ugly clear plastic, so I painted the bins green, and painted their lids black.

We kept the shower curtain, but got a new liner for inside.

We kept our old mats, but we cleaned them and changed their orientation.

There's a nice bamboo mat next to the sink, an incense box, and then some tile around the other side. We'll have to keep an eye on the mat to make sure it does not get moist and yucky underneath.
The bathroom mirror (which needs to be cleaned) had travertine tile put around the outside. We used poster putty, so it's easily removable. The tile we got for $2 (total) for 2 sheets at the recycling place.

So, that's it! Our redone bathroom. We like it, and it's a lot more organized than before.

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