Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seeds (finally) planted

Yesterday, I forced myself to plant. The weather is sunny, and it looks like my seeds won't get washed away!

Mostly, I planted beans and squash. I will plant some more squash in about a week, that way at least a few are offset a bit and I won't have squash overload. So, here's what I planted. We'll see what comes up.

Yin Yang beans! I these were just fabulous. They are beans you dry, and then you use them in soup or whatever. The beans lose their neat markings once they're cooked, but really, you EAT them soonafter, so I'm fine with that. If these work out, I think they would be really neat to give to some friends. Plus, I'm a huge fan of having much stock on hand for cooking. Dried beans are glorious.
Next up, in no particular order: Trionfo Violetto: Violet pole beans. Like the yin yang, they usually lose their purpleness when they are cooked. But oh, what a sight in the yard! I'm only growing pole beans, by the way. They are much more dramatic, more prolific, and they produce better-tasting beans. And, you know me-- any excuse to build trellises.

I think I planted some of these in a variety pack. I think. If I didn't maybe I will. They are just too cool. I might be thinking of my yard-long beans (below) though.
In addition to beans and squash, I also planted a few okra. Yes, they're slimy, but they are soooooo good fried or in gumbo. I figured "why not?"

Of course-- had to plant yellow beans.
And green beans.
Ahh, here are my yard-long beans. I REALLY REALLY hope these turn out. I kind of want to plant some in a place where they'll go over the pergola. Thoughts? I just think that'd be awesome. But then, in late summer, we'd be left with no plants over the pergola. Maybe next year. This year, I'm on the hunt for some good vines that will come back next year.
But yes, they are REALLY LONG, and you can twist them like that. How nifty is that? And, they have black seeds. YUM!
Sunburst patty pan squash was planted. LOVE the saucer squash. Oh my gosh. I don't know if I'll plant any traditional zucchini this year. You can always get that at the farmer's market... but this stuff... you can't! At least, not cheaply. Hmm... Maybe one or two zucchini. I do love squash.
Scarlett runner beans were also planted. They're great to eat, but their flowers are also simply gorgeous!

And crookneck squash. I picked up a bunch of 2-3" long crooknecks the other day at the farmer's market. Oh my gosh! So delicious. I can't wait to have these in our yard.
These are called "eastern delight." They're soft-sided, and they're supposed to taste a little nuttier. Worth a shot, I say.

In the beds that have vines, I'm planting vines along the sides of the bed. The idea is that I'll build trellises up and over the walkway into the next bed. The beds either have squashes down the middle of the bed (and vine plants on either side) or vine plants on one side and squashes on the other. I'm hoping this trellis idea works out. I really like the idea of having tunnels/canopies of vine plants to walk through. Plus, I'll paint the trellises, which will add some more pops of color!

To do still:

* Buy more cucumbers. With the weather, these just did not get started as I had hoped.
* Fix up the tomato area and possibly buy more tomatoes.
* Fix up the back area and plant melons and winter squash!
* Buy 3-4 more pepper plants. I only have one right now.
* Get bushes planted so that way the two beds are cleared for planting.
* Get the weed eater fixed up so B can massacre weeds. (it arrived yesterday!)
* Plant pergola baskets
* Get patio set fixed up (this needs to be done by the time B's family visits in July).

Oh, there is more to do, but for now.... that's the immediate list.

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