Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lump on my noggin.

Yesterday's tale of the darn hammock has ended as well as it can: a sore head and a nice bump on my head.

Yes, I was stupid. Ok, maybe not. That "throw the rock up and over the branch" trick has worked well in the past. I just decided I didn't want THAT branch, which meant a redo, which pulled the rock out of the rope as I was pulling the rope down. Dammit!

Add to it that I was already having a SUCKY evening. Things hadn't gone as I had hoped/planned, and I was in a pretty lousy mood. Which is possibly why I got up the gumption to put out the hammock. Hard to be mad when lying in a hammock.

But, in other news... you know, now that I will live without substantial brain damage and all...

My peas are still producing like mad. Normally, by now, they have petered out. Not this year! Granted, the hot weather crops are SLOW, but we'll just ignore that while snacking on sweet peas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ok? I should say "I'll", as my crazy, nut-brained husband has decided not to eat much of anything from the yard. The man has a loathing for lettuce. And peas. We'll see what else as other things become ripe.

BUT, this morning, I found SPROUTS! FOR MY SQUASH! I think a few bean sprouts too! This is exciting. I am very very hopeful. Perhaps this crazy summer will be ok for some of my heat-loving plants after all.

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