Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hammock and garden update!

At last, yesterday, the hammock was hung. No further head injuries.

More hammock goodness. Note the stump/magazine rack by the hammock. :) And the huge pile of firewood (to be stacked...) behind the hammock.


And, oddly, rhubarb sprouts. They're not usually summer plants. More spring....

The peas have gone nuts. They're over 7' tall.

I'm particularly excited about the shelling peas (the type you eat the peas, not the shell). They're coming in nicely. I am patiently waiting for those peas to plump....
Here's an example of a shelling pea. Looks a lot like a string bean, doesn't it?

The weather is what my sweet potatoes wanted! They're finally beginning to put on some more leaves.

The broccoli is beginning to come in.

Um... I have a lot of lettuce. I'm thinking about making pizza tonight and putting a raspberry/feta dressing salad smack dab on top of the cooked pizza. Pizza and salad, on one plate.

The onions are bulbing so much that the ground is cracking. The bulbs shouldn't be huge (especially given the late planting date and the funky summer, but it's still onion success!!!)

So that's the status update. After work today, I'm hoping to haul some dirt and plant more squash AND.... MY TOMATOES!!!!!


  1. Love the hammock! We're hoping to put up dueling hammocks this summer.

  2. The hammock was TOTALLY worth the cranium damage!


  3. The garden looks wonderful! Glad to see that you are relaxing, and that hammock looks lovely.

    How are the chicks doing?