Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goin' old school

Last night, I made jam. I hate making jam. Ok, no, I love jam, and I love making things, but I hate how much gosh-darn sugar is in jam. I had 12 cups of raspberries. How much sugar does the recipe call for? 12 cups. Gag. Unfortunately, you need the sugar in order to get it to jell. Blast! I cut back a bit on the sugar still, and I used a packet of pectin. I need to boil it again some more, but here's hoping. Yes, I stopped halfway through. I was frustrated with how runny it was. :)

I've also been pondering putting up a clothes line. No underwear (refuse!) but oh, for sweet smelling shirts. Hmm. But it's a lot of work. But it smells nice.... but it's a lot of work. Hm.

I realize that by the two things above, I could easily sound like I'm 80. Whatever.

I'm up to four adult hens now living with the younger chicks in the big coop. I have four more adult hens to go. I've been adding one adult hen per night. So far, so good. There's an obvious pecking order, but not a super mean one. Unfortunately, the baby runt red hen is really teeny. I've still had to separate her. I'm thinking of perhaps posting her on craigslist for someone who wants a small chicken in their (fenced) yard. I feel bad, but she's just languishing. She's so tiny. I'd feel ok about posting on CL because no one would eat her. She's too tiny! Like quail-sized. It makes me sad, but she just needs a nice yard to run around in by herself, which we don't have.

I need to move around our furniture for the final push in the reorganization process. Sigh.

I also need to build trellises outside, as my beans are growing at the rate of over 1.5" a day.

I need to clean the laundry room of the chicken bins, as the two adult chickens have been moved into the coop and the room now smells like chicken. Bleh.

I just want to go sit in my hammock.

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